Make Your Own Sewing Set Template


Currently being re-printed. Should be available summer 2023.

This design is a celebration of two of my favourite
techniques – hand stitching and fine needle-turned appliqué.
I hope that you too can find joy in the process of slow stitching
and making marks with your needles, threads and fabrics to create a
unique home for your treasured sewing tools.

When working with this template, I have sometimes chosen to cover it almost entirely with stitches, leaving none of the original print visible; while sometimes, I have only filled small areas of the print. Whatever approach you choose is a matter of personal preference.

This item can be washed.

My completed version of this project, as seen here measures 22cm x 18cm.

Copyright ©Jessie Chorley

All rights reserved.This DIY project is an original Jessie Chorley design and is for personal use, inspiration and enjoyment only and must not be used in commercial projects.

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