Little Dress with Words, Bow & House Embroidery Template


This design is a celebration of two of my favourite
techniques – hand stitching and fine needle-turned appliqué. I hope that you too can find joy in the process of slow stitching and making marks with your needles, threads and fabrics to create your own unique stitched story.

When working with this template, I have sometimes chosen to cover it almost entirely with stitches, leaving none of the original print visible; while sometimes, I have only filled small areas of the print. Whatever approach you choose is a matter of personal preference.

Note that the template has been printed in my favourite shade of permanent blue ink. Because of this, it can be combined with materials that will be washed.

Once embellished, enjoy displaying in your own home, or gift to a beloved friend or family member.

Measures 14cm x 20cm.

Copyright ©Jessie Chorley

All rights reserved.This DIY project is an original Jessie Chorley design and is for personal use, inspiration and enjoyment only and must not be used in commercial projects.

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