Jug and Flowers Embroidery Template


This large embroidery template, titled ‘Jug and Flowers’. is a souvenir and memory of Columbia Road Flower Market, the street that was the home to my life as an artist from 2005 to 2021.

This design celebrates all of the wonderful Sundays that I spent meeting you as a proud, independent shop owner. Memories of those early mornings surrounded by the beautiful flowers outside my door, the hustle and bustle of the street and the friendships that were created during this precious time will always be part of my life. I wanted to create a memento and keepsake of that era – something precious for all of us 
to cherish.

The design, printed in my favourite shade of blue ink, celebrates two of my favourite techniques, hand stitching and fine needle-turned appliqué.

I hope that you too can find joy in the process of slow stitching and making marks with your needles, threads and fabrics to create your own unique stitched story.

In my own version of this design, I have chosen to cover the print almost entirely with stitches, leaving none of the template visible. Whether or not you choose to leave any of the print showing is a matter of personal preference.

Take inspiration from my colour choices, as you start your own personal journey in stitch and fabric.

Once complete this project can be framed, I would suggest in a large box frame. It could also be made into a wall hanging.

This slow stitch project also makes a beautiful gift for a beloved friend or family member.

This item can be washed.

Measures 40cm x 30cm.

Copyright ©Jessie Chorley

All rights reserved. This DIY project is an original Jessie Chorley design and is for personal use, inspiration and enjoyment only and must not be used in commercial projects.

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