Friendship Quilt Project Version Two


Welcome to my second Friendship Quilt Project. This design follows on from my original Friendship Quilt Project, which I launched in 2017. Once again this project celebrates two of my favourite techniques, hand stitching and fine needle-turned appliqué. I hope that you too can find joy in the process of slow stitching and making marks with your needles, threads and fabrics to create your own unique stitched story. Your work could become a precious family heirloom or serve as a gift for a loved one, perhaps to mark a memorable date or event.

Note also that my version of this project measures approximately 35 cm x 60 cm. But feel free to let your story and your imagination wander and make something much larger – or maybe something much smaller.

My Friendship Quilt projects are a key part of the work that I do as a social embroidery artist. They are designed from the heart to celebrate the lasting friendships that can be created from a mutual love of embroidery and crafting things with others, taking inspiration from traditional sewing bees and crafting circles that have always thrived within communities worldwide. You may enjoy working solo on this project, or you could work with a beloved family member or friend, or perhaps form your own small group of like-minded stitchers.

My goal with this project is to encourage the freestyle approach to embroidery and simple patchwork techniques that I employ in creating my own work. So I suggest you approach it as a peaceful, explorative experience, while embracing new techniques inspired by the illustrations of my original version.

Living at a great distance may make it difficult for you to attend a masterclass with me in person, but with this project I hope you will feel a part of my life as a maker and that you will also become part of the growing stitching and patching circle that this project continues to push forward.There will also be opportunities to exhibit your version of this project with me, during bespoke events and competitions. Therefore please keep in touch with me via my Instagram (@jessiechorley); you can keep me updated on your progress by tagging me in your posts. You can also email me images and technical questions via my website.

kit includes the following items:

x 5 Hand-printed templates/patches
x 5 skeins of DMC embroidery floss
X 1 Pack of assorted fabric scraps
X 1 Cotton base fabric
X 1 Printed paper instructions booklet
X 1 Printed paper stitch guide
X 1 Hand printed cotton project bag

Copyright ©Jessie Chorley

All rights reserved.This DIY project is an original Jessie Chorley design and is for personal use, inspiration and enjoyment only and must not be used in commercial projects.